A Force to Empower the Underprivileged

ZForce is a non-profit initiative started by an entrepreneur and philanthropist Mayur Ramgir. Mayur, currently the CEO of Zonopact and the founder of Zonopact Innovation Lab, started off from humble beginnings

Having come a long way from where he began, Mayur understands the importance of blurring the differences between developed and underdeveloped nations. He understands the basic problems that needs to be answered in order to empower the underprivileged well enough that they can not only support themselves but also play a vital role in building a better tomorrow

ZForce is created with a mission to provide people around the world with their basic rights that include not just good healthcare, but also better education and career opportunities without any kind of discrimination and bias

At ZForce, we believe not just in providing help but in offering support. Like that famous saying goes, we don’t just want to feed people, we want them to be able to feed themselves. That is why creating opportunities is one of the biggest agenda we work towards.

If you happen to be someone born in a world where you get your right to build a better life for yourself, it becomes your responsibility to create similar opportunities for those who aren’t born as privileged. That is the essence of being a human. So, join hands with us and together we will create a force to combat some of the major human rights issues on a global level

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