#MeTheForce Campaign

Three ways you could contribute;

1. If you could sing, use the soundtrack and lyrics to record your own version, upload to YouTube, link it on this site and share with #MeTheForce on your social media

2. Record a 30 seconds long monologue which includes “MeTheForce” and share with #MeTheForce on your social media

3. Simply vote and share your choice of video entries with #MeTheForce on your social media

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Why #MeTheForce Campaign

A Humble Try To Transform Hell Into Heaven

There are many towns & cities that are becoming the face of the social ills that bedevil our world, for instance Diepsloot, South Africa. Many such places around the world are making news for all the wrong reasons such as rampant poverty, exigent living conditions, unemployment, violent anti- government protests, vicious crimes & public lynching. People are unemployed, they are living in disgusting conditions, there’s too much aggression and frustration in their hearts which they sometimes show through violent protests.

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