A Humble Try To Transform Hell Into Heaven


There are many towns & cities that are becoming the face of the social ills that bedevil our world, for instance Diepsloot, South Africa. Many such places around the world are making news for all the wrong reasons such as rampant poverty, exigent living conditions, unemployment, violent anti- government protests, vicious crimes & public lynching. People are unemployed, they are living in disgusting conditions, there’s too much aggression and frustration in their hearts which they sometimes show through violent protests. The youth is becoming alcohol & drug addict, trapping them in a vicious cycle which has consequences like: Unwanted pregnancies, catching STDs, rapes, thievery, snatching, aggressive brawls & fights & murders etc.


People being frustrated from their conditions & crimes, have started to take law in their hands. Vigilant mobs are going to the extent of rounding up these criminals & burning/executing them alive.


The future of the world is on the wrong path because of the situations they are in, and the “humanity” is helping them out by killing them.

To stop all these heart wrenching incidents, ZFORCE is helping certain organizations working over these areas which are tackling these issues for their betterment. The organizations have initiated their steps already in the direction towards the benefit & welfare of the youth in Diepsloot. Besides education, which is the foremost priority, the camps involve teaching them various handicrafts & small businesses to earn a living. Rehabilitation camps are working to control people’s indulgence in drugs & alcohol. Though these camps have been set up but the number of camps has to increase so that the help reaches each & every person.


For that, ZFORCE has joined their hands for funds; and invites you too to join hands with us and spread humanity.

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